Among the people I interviewed for the book, most had the hardest time when their symptoms first arose, so that as time went on they weren't as afflicted.  But few reported feeling entirely free of vertigo and its related symptoms.  Many with benign positional vertigo found the Epley Maneuver (or similar maneuvers) to be extremely helpful, but for Menière's Disease there was less clarity about helpful treatment.  Thus, a blog about treatments that appear to have cured, or markedly reduced the symptoms of Menière's, could be very helpful.  (I'm thinking of Alan Shepard, the astronaut who was permitted to fly to the moon based on the conviction that he was cured after endolymphatic shunt surgery.)  Thus, if you have a diagnosis of Menière's Disease, or episodic vertigo that is accompanied by fluctuating hearing loss, and the symptoms seem to have been responsive to treatment, tell us about what it was that made the difference.   Please also include a brief sketch of the course of your illness. 


    I'd like to use this site to learn more about people's experiences with vertigo.  Please suggest other blog topics that are of interest to you.  


    January 2014